Our Mission
Working with progressive companies who want to dominate their field with innovative and unique visual branding.

On-site Photography (Training & real-world)

Our unique style takes documenting who you are to a new level of excitement. Vibrant beauty and hyperrealism are the hallmarks of the stunning imagery that defines Ziemba Photographic Arts.

Branding and Image Consulting

Who are you? Why do your people go out there day after day and put their bodies on the line? What does it mean to you that your products are the highest quality? We’ll not only drill down to the heart of your company, but we’ll look for the images that share you with the world.

Web and Collateral Application Consulting

Create a buzz in your industry with dynamic new images for Web content, Media Campaigns, Collateral and Custom Books. You’re only limited by your imagination! What are you dreaming about?

Custom Art Installations

Cutting-edge imagery combined with bold materials create an ultra-modern, forward thinking and personalized art presentation for hospitals, public safety buildings or corporate and public spaces.
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You’re Not a Traditional Business:
Don’t Settle for Traditional Branding

Your people aren’t just in offices. They’re out there fighting fires, saving lives, keeping the power running. They’re building the structures that will define communities for the next hundred years. They’re equipping workers in high-stakes jobs with the products that keep them safe and make them effective.

Powerful Images Inspire Your Audience

Traditional commercial photography sells your company short by playing it safe.
Change the conversation. See how your passion and vision can immediately impact your audience. Transform the way your clients and community experience your company.

Your People. Your Product. In Action.

Ziemba Photographic Arts produces custom images and artwork that communicate the rugged work your company does each day keeping front-line crews safe or performing critical functions. We believe your story deserves impactful images of your people and your product where they make the most difference—in action.

No studio shooting here.

We only photograph on location!

We go places that few dare – to get that one powerful shot that tells your story. Our approach has grown out of years of being on the ground and behind-the-scenes to the very heart of what matters. Our founder, Roni Ziemba, has the vision to show the world what it really takes to do your work. With her extraordinary skill, years of experience, and advanced tactical awareness, she captures powerful photographs that jump off the page and leave the viewer stunned and inspired.

If you are ready to make a modern and forward-thinking change to your brand; if you want to showcase stunning custom art in your lobby and meeting rooms; if you want a website or print collateral that stands out, contact Ziemba Photographic Arts today.

Let us show you how we can inspire your clients and your community!

Permanent Art Installation Sites
  • Kansas University Medical Center – Dept. Of Otolaryngology
  • Mountain Vista Fire District
  • Banner University Medical Center Department of Surgery, Tucson
  • Banner University Medical Center Department of Otolaryngology, Tucson
  • Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center
  • Northwest Fire / Rescue District
  • Pima County Sheriff’s Department Press Room
  • Tucson Airport Authority Fire Department Lobby
  • Tucson Police Department
  • Fire
  • Law Enforcement
  • Surgical O.R.
  • Trauma
  • Oil and Gas
  • Railroad
  • Mining
  • Ranching
  • Aviation
  • Power